Steven Meisel and the old works.

“Emotionally, it’s very difficult for me to look at old work I’ve done,” the photographer Steven Meisel told Tim Blanks in a 2015 interview. “It’s either because I look at what I could have done better, or I start crying over the people. I’m ridiculously sensitive, that’s just who I am, so it’s really tough… More

Heavy Cuir – Zana Bayne

Sometimes you come across pieces that fascinating you so much that it is not only about fashion trend. The curiosity leads you to great stories that help you to explore fashion life today and understand how the fashion industry has evolved over time.

Scavullo Women

And I am back to photography. I guess nothing else tells you a story better than a beautiful photo. I was going through the images online and I came across these beautiful photos in black-and-white of actresses singers models. That’s how I learned  about Francesco Scavullo .

Body by Rudi Gernreich

This is the story about Rudi Gernreich, a Viennese Jewish boy who escaped the Nazis and found himself in America , about a visionary boy and a great designer who revolutionized swimwear in 60s.

Iconic photos

Ormond Gigli, longtime photographer for TIME, LIFE, Paris Match and others, snapped everything from farmers to movie stars in his decades long career. But his most famous image, “Girls in the Windows” — taken on New York’s East 58th Street in 1960 – was made on a whim.

William Helburn one of the Mad Men Era

Born on New York’s Upper East Side, Helburn took up photography when he was demobbed after the Second World War. He and an army buddy, Ted Croner, rented a cheap studio – “about the size of two bathrooms. And it stank!” – near Central Park, and made their start doing test shots for aspiring models… More

Fashion Cold War

Space age happened during the space race era. It is the age of space exploration. The background of it was from the competition between the USA and Soviet Union during the Cold War period (from 1945 to 1991)  the missile arms race, the product of the WWII, Nuclear weapon, one of the most significant examples,… More

The 10th Victim

All the  costumes in The 10th Victim (La decima vittima, 1965), designed by Guido Coltellacci and made by the Sorelle Fontana to look dangerous and daring in so many ways. 

Simon Costin and Alexander McQueen.

“He could never design the collection without knowing what the show was” Sam Gainsbury (produced all of the McQueen’s shows ) The fashion week is always one of the biggest happenings in the year. It is a part of the fashion business and fashion labels invest big budgets in order to organize the most unforgettable… More


“She is the most completely sensational new beauty and the best example of what it means to be of mixed blood. Nothing pure is interesting.” Richard Avedon

Christa Päffgen AKA Nico

Nico was one of the most fascinating and mysterious women of the multimedia revolution of The Sixties, and long after that till the present day. She was born on October 16th, 1938, in Cologne, in Nazi-controlled Germany. At the age of two she was taken to the little town of Spreewald on the outskirts of… More

René Gruau

When France refurbished its identity after the defeat and deprivation of the second world war, two men were crucial to the re-establishment of the nation as global supplier of luxuries. One was the couturier Christian Dior, the other his chief visualiser, artist René Gruau, who has died aged 95.

The Fashion Of Illustration

“Who knew that 40 years after the ‘death’ of fashion illustration it would be undergoing such a revival of interest? The depth and breadth of talent today is extraordinary. The truth is that we will always need artists to record and interpret a designer’s work. It’s a symbiotic relationship; one art-form describing another.” David Downton

Guinness and Fashion.

The Honourable Daphne Diana Joan Susanna Guinness (born 9 November 1967) is an artist of both British and Irish nationality. She is an heir by direct descent of Arthur Guinness, the 18th-century inventor of the beer that still bears his name.

“…because very good taste is boring.”

“I’m from France, raised in the south of France. I have always been passionate about fashion. I think you need to be born with this in your stomach. You can learn a lot of things, but you cannot learn style. Style is your insides. It’s like a singer: a singer is born lucky because they… More

“Babe Paley had only one fault—she was perfect. Otherwise, she was perfect.” Truman Capote

Barbara “Babe” Paley didn’t just wear clothes—she transformed them, sold you on them and made them seem almost profound. As the impeccably dressed wife of CBS founder William S. Paley—and a Vogue editor—Babe’s style was ready for prime time and worthy of constant renewal. Not only was she a great beauty, but there was something ethereal… More

The Real Miss Dior

She was a member of the French Resistance. Or the Polish intelligence unit based in France, to be more precise. In November 1941 Catherine was out shopping for a radio when she met Hervé des Charbonneries, a founding Resistance member. She fell in love at first sight, and quickly became one of more than 2,000 agents… More

Fashion seen through italian lense

Is fashion art? I think it’s sometimes very creative, but I’m not sure I would call it art; that’s pushing it a bit. I certainly don’t think fashion photography is art, because if it is art, it’s probably not doing its job … In fashion photography, rule number one is to make the picture beautiful and… More

The Fendi Heritage

“I’ve known Karl since I was a child, he can be incredibly fun and generous if he likes you. He’s definitely the most well-read person I’ve ever met, I could spend hours just listening to him”. Silvia Venturini Fendi.  Lagerfeld joined Fendi in 1965 – far before Chanel – and this makes their cooperation the longest between a designer… More

Tim Walker -The Story Teller

“Sometimes when you’ve taken a photograph you are totally thrilled with, you feel like you are on the brink of discovering something totally amazing like one of life’s secrets. You are dancing on the electricity of passionate creativity.” Tim Walker “The point of fashion is that you take the epicure you want. And fashion is… More

Brian Duffy one of the “The Black Trinity”

Brian Duffy, together with David Bailey and Terence Donovan was one of the innovators of “documentary” fashion photography, a style which revolutionised fashion imagery and the fashion industry of the late 50’s and 60’s . These three photographers were so influential to the changes taking place in the 60’s that they were christened “The Terrible… More

It’s masterminded by a group of fashion insiders.

être cécile was founded by four individuals whose dream was to create a unique T-shirt collective inspired by French style and clean aesthetics. These four individuals would like their identity to remain anonymous allowing the focus to be on the quality and integrity of the collection. The brand is produced in Europe with showroom’s in Paris,… More

I am Addicted for …. Shoes!

Turkish origins. Born  in Germany. Inspired by Helmut Lang . Passionatly influenced by Architecture and Art.  Studied in Vienna Fashion Institute.  Headed to Paris where joined Givenchy.  Finally joined Gianbattista Valli that elevated his name in the fashion world. In 2009 Burak Uyam opens his own line. Today we have young brands like Jimmy Choo,… More

The Amazing World of PRADA

I will sound very repetitive , but I am in love with PRADA and this season is not an exception. Miuccia is an exceptional artist in her field and  maybe because she is so passionate about ART, she manage to create something unique every season.  You can easily read her origins and her passion in… More

Art & Fashion since 1920

Almost every fashion season the designers/big fashion names try to impress us not only with amazing collections, but also with the latest collaborations with some incredible artists. In the past few years the runways have been filled with some print designs with art by the likes of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Mondrian, Picasso, Murakami and… More

C. Z. Guest – American Icon

Several times I came across this name going through biography books. And it came to my attention  again recently while I was reading about Diane Vreeland . Once I looked up on internet , I got even more fascinated about this beautiful with an aristocratic look , but at the same time very modern and fashionable woman.

“We all get dressed for Bill”

“I sometimes will look at his pages in Times or online and just be so amazed that he and I and all my team and all the rest of the world we are all sitting in the same fashion shows… but he had seen something on the street or on the runaway that completely missed… More

“The great fur caravan”

Veruscka  began  to appear in Vogue, photographed by Irving Penn, from 1963, but her Veruscka persona came out with a whole new splendor once she met Avedon . He thought Veruschka was the  most beautiful women in the world.  “What Antonioni was saying in the photo-shoot scene between David Hemmings and myself in Blow-Up was happening… More

Alexey Brodovitch in American Fashion

Alexey Brodovitch – Photographer , Designer, Art Director and a teacher to many great artists. Russian by birth, Brodovitch was forced into exile during the Russian Civil War. He came to Paris where he found himself at the center of dadaism, constructivism,Bauhaus , futurism…. he worked as a backdrop painter for the ballets Russes. But… More

The 70’s DNA.

70s, Studio 54 : The era that left the largest milestones in fashion, music and design.  We can start with some names to get an idea of who are the idols of fashion designers  today: Farrah Fawcett, Bianca Jagger, Iman,  Debbie Harry, Diane Von Fusterberg, Faye Dunaway, Joni Mitchell, Angelica Huston, Jane Fonda, Nico, Jerry… More

A visual story.

For the most of us fashion is a dream, a fairy-tale and every time we go for shopping, all we want is being part of this creative world. We dream about a bag or about a pair of shoes or anything else. Once we are in the shop, our questions are more like : You know… More

The Book: “In my shoes”

‘The Sunday Times once wrote that I seemed ‘less an actual person than the heroine of some dicey Danielle Steel Bonkathon’.  The basic Danielle Steel conceit is to take a plucky heroine, set her on a quest, and then subject her to every villain and viper and obstacle imaginable.  Which, I suppose, is not an… More

Would you like to know that ….?!

DIESEL: Renzo Rosso- will donate 5 million Euro to Venice and he is planing to  buy  a fashion house Marni. VOGUE: Grace Coddington gives her opinion about Wang,  Ghesquière, and Galliano: “I love Jhon Galliano”   “I think he is brilliant”