“…because very good taste is boring.”

“I’m from France, raised in the south of France. I have always been passionate about fashion. I think you need to be born with this in your stomach. You can learn a lot of things, but you cannot learn style. Style is your insides. It’s like a singer: a singer is born lucky because they have a voice. Some people are born lucky because they have style, some others are lucky because they know how to cook… I think it’s something that you have to be born with.

My mother was an extremely chic lady. Chic is not about designer clothes; chic is not about money. Chic is about personal style, how to mix your things together.


In my work, I never think too much. I hate brainstorming. I hate people who think too much. I’m not someone who puts references and boards like they do now—it’s in my head. I do this with instinct. When I cook, I have instinct; I’ve never opened a cookbook in my life. It’s like at a sitting [for a shoot]: I need the girl in front of me to dress her. I never can put the same thing [on a different girl]. I work on the girl, so if the girl changes, it’s not the same story…. I love a lot of girls: I love sexy girls, absolutely, sexy girls. I love a model who loves fashion. Unfortunately there’s not a lot now who understand the attitude. They are too young, I think—they don’t get the fashion. I mean, it’s not their fault. But, you just put things on them and basta! It’s not like the real models before who enjoy. You know, Linda, Naomi, Christy… All those girls, they know what they love. I like the women models now, like Aymeline [Valade]. It’s not about age, it’s about having it inside. It’s energy. I love energy, I hate sad—I hate sad. I like smiling in pictures, I love some teeth. When I do my pictures, I always want teeth, fresh, divine, sexy, happy


Me, I think plastic surgery is too much; I think it’s sad. And the sad thing is that it’s getting younger—now the girls begin younger and younger. Yeah, of course aging is not a great thing—of course it’s not—but, you know, people who do the eyes and the head stays the same…. I don’t think it’s fooling anybody, dear. It’s all in your age. What can we do? Everyone is going to pass it. You have to arrive to aging if you’re not dead before. ”

Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele



Article: https://intothegloss.com/2012/11/carlyne-cerf-de-dudzeele-stylist/

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