The Fendi Heritage

“I’ve known Karl since I was a child, he can be incredibly fun and generous if he likes you. He’s definitely the most well-read person I’ve ever met, I could spend hours just listening to him”. Silvia Venturini Fendi.  Lagerfeld joined Fendi in 1965 – far before Chanel – and this makes their cooperation the longest between a designer and amaisonHe created the famous ‘double F’ logo and had, together with legendary Fendi Sisters, the revolutionary idea to use like a common fabric the fine fur which represented Fendi’s prestige, cutting it and turning inside out its lining. And it was again with Karl that in 2007 Silvia Venturini celebrated Fendi’s international success with a spectacular catwalk over the Great Wall of China. 

“Italy is famous all over the word for its craftmanship of exellence in fashion; but this fine art could be exported and teached almost everywhere. What really makes Italy unique is its incredibly rich heritage: endless creativity and exquisite taste are part of our DNA, and makes our tradition considerably valuable. That’s just what we should hand down to the youth“ Silvia Venturini Fendi

“When my mother and her sisters called Karl almost 50 years ago they believed in this young visionary genius, and they believed in me when twenty years later I started to work for Fendissime and later on I was named Accessories Creative Director. That’s what great maisons should do: give a chance to the youth“, declared Venturini Fendi. “My chance allowed me to create in 1997 one of our best-sellers ever,the first it-bag with its own name: the BaguetteI was asked to create a minimalist bag due to late nineties’ trends, but I decided to make something completely different; the bag have been quickly selling out like hotcakes (like bread, actually!), it was a huge success which exceeded all expectations. And it all started from an act of disobedience”.




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