Tim Walker -The Story Teller

“Sometimes when you’ve taken a photograph you are totally thrilled with, you feel like you are on the brink of discovering something totally amazing like one of life’s secrets. You are dancing on the electricity of passionate creativity.” Tim Walker

“The point of fashion is that you take the epicure you want. And fashion is the only photography that allows fantasy, and I’m a fantasist. I love beautiful clothes, but I don’t give a monkey’s what’s on the catwalks.” Tim Walker

“Fantasy isn’t something I put into the pictures; I don’t try and inject them with a sense of play. But it’s about being an honest photographer; a photograph is as much of a mirror of the photographer as it is the subject. A lot of links and inspiration come from my childhood and my reluctance to give it up. You lose a lot as you mature, but if you lose it completely you couldn’t possibly be a photographer – you need that sense of curiosity.” Tim Walker

“I don’t believe in originality You take inspiration from whatever moves you  and you find your voice in those things” Tim Walker









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