Heavy Cuir – Zana Bayne

Sometimes you come across pieces that fascinating you so much that it is not only about fashion trend. The curiosity leads you to great stories that help you to explore fashion life today and understand how the fashion industry has evolved over time.

A young woman , but at first little girl, born in Germany  starts off as a blogger. Blogging about her lifestyle in www.garbagedress.com being 13. Studing Fine Arts later, but fascinated by fashion. Having fashionable mom with a closet field with Ann Demeulemeester ,Yohji Yamamoto and other great designers . Working in a shop. Selling Yohji , Commes and Margiela is attracted by avant gard fashion,  starts to make some harness pieces for herself , which soon become very popular also among her friends. Very simple pieces “At the end of the day a harness is a belt with suspenders.” explains Zane herself . But that is the trick today – SIMPLICITY, which is the key (and of course accessories….)) . This accessory soon enough ends up on Zane’s blog. Finally, after moving to US, New York,  Zane get noticed and her pieces become desirable not only by Zane’s friends circle. Today she is creating pieces for Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Chloe Sevigny as well as fashion insiders like Taylor Tomasi-Hill and Sally Singer. Today she is 27 and she is a growing new brand. Her pieces featuring fashion shows, music videos and the leading fashion editorial magazine’s .

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