The book: “Grace, A Memoir ” Grace Coddington with Michael Roberts – Random House NY

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It has been already one year since I bought this book online , but for several reasons I never read it until now. To be honest, despite loving fashion, I didnt know much about Grace and I started to refer to her name only after I’ve seen “The September Issue”.  Yet , buying the book, I still was expecting to find out more to the movie we all have seen. Maybe revealing more about Anna Wintour? I am sure I am not the only one.

But it is so much more than that!


Grace take us to this amazing trip through her life and trhough the most spectacular years of fashion, 50s , 60s, 70s…. And as she transforms her photoshoots in a fairytale , she did the same with her book. You merge with her memoir, meeting the most amazing photographs, artists, models, musicians and other great people that made fashion history.  Think of some great photograph that you love and Grace has worked with him . You can’t even imagine the list. She is an example to all of us, in the way she stayed humble and absorbed every little bit of everything she was surrounded by.  And despite the incredible experience and background to Grace Coddington work,  I was surprised , by her personality, her modesty and work ability she cares through her life.  Even though you keep asking yourself  “how many lifes had this woman?” , she continuing to look forward , searching for new inspiration and talents. People like Grace Coddington make us passionate about something like fashion and sometimes we risk not even to find out who is that person that got us to this point. The word CURIOSITY  should remain with us, forever !

“to me you will always be the heart and soul of the magazine, its guardian at the gate, its beacon of excellence. For about as long as I have edited  Vogue, one person, Grace Coddington, has made me excited to come into the office every day ……” Anna Wintour

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