The Book: “In my shoes”

‘The Sunday Times once wrote that I seemed ‘less an actual person than the heroine of some dicey Danielle Steel Bonkathon’.  The basic Danielle Steel conceit is to take a plucky heroine, set her on a quest, and then subject her to every villain and viper and obstacle imaginable.  Which, I suppose, is not an entirely bad summary of my life so far.’

Few days ago I have bought this book which I was expecting for a while to appear in a bookshop. I have always read about Jimmy Choo and Tamara Mellon and I actually have some articles even saved from the Russian Vogue 2005. It has just been completely different stories from what I have read in this book.


Who is Tamara Mellon to me: a strong determined woman who managed to build not just a new shoe brand, but as they call it in marketing, to create a brand category. Often we don’t hear that someone is looking for a pair of shoes, but simply they are going to buy a pair of Jimmy Choo’s (As Carrie in Sex and the City that lost her Choo’s)

I strongly believe that Ms. Mellon could do so much more, but her weakness was in being unprepared for the Big Business. I don’t think she realised how big it can get and how fast it can happen. And then she just found herself in this large ocean with sharks that where studying and practicing several years ahead in how to fight someone like her. The only person she could count on was her father . Yet she never gave up and you can only envy her determination! She will remain the inspiration to many woman and I suggest to read this book. Most of us have a very romantic way of thinking about fashion business or any other business in general until it all gets too serious. There are many very challenging moments in Tamara’s life , but I believe the hardest and at the same time the most important time for her is when she decided to give up and give it all away, and start a new chapter of her life. Someone will say that she got big money and not simply gave it all away , but my answer would be “Try to build up something like this and I want you to see giving it away one day”…. And somehow I believe she is so much happier right now with a background that will let her to conquer the world once again , but in a whole different way.

Thank you Tamara on behalf of all the women for giving us the Choo’s and Good Luck!



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