I am Addicted for …. Shoes!

Turkish origins. Born  in Germany. Inspired by Helmut Lang . Passionatly influenced by Architecture and Art.  Studied in Vienna Fashion Institute.  Headed to Paris where joined Givenchy.  Finally joined Gianbattista Valli that elevated his name in the fashion world. In 2009 Burak Uyam opens his own line. Today we have young brands like Jimmy Choo,… More

The Amazing World of PRADA

I will sound very repetitive , but I am in love with PRADA and this season is not an exception. Miuccia is an exceptional artist in her field and  maybe because she is so passionate about ART, she manage to create something unique every season.  You can easily read her origins and her passion in… More

Art & Fashion since 1920

Almost every fashion season the designers/big fashion names try to impress us not only with amazing collections, but also with the latest collaborations with some incredible artists. In the past few years the runways have been filled with some print designs with art by the likes of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Mondrian, Picasso, Murakami and… More

C. Z. Guest – American Icon

Several times I came across this name going through biography books. And it came to my attention  again recently while I was reading about Diane Vreeland . Once I looked up on internet , I got even more fascinated about this beautiful with an aristocratic look , but at the same time very modern and fashionable woman.

“We all get dressed for Bill”

“I sometimes will look at his pages in Times or online and just be so amazed that he and I and all my team and all the rest of the world we are all sitting in the same fashion shows… but he had seen something on the street or on the runaway that completely missed… More

“The great fur caravan”

Veruscka  began  to appear in Vogue, photographed by Irving Penn, from 1963, but her Veruscka persona came out with a whole new splendor once she met Avedon . He thought Veruschka was the  most beautiful women in the world.  “What Antonioni was saying in the photo-shoot scene between David Hemmings and myself in Blow-Up was happening… More

Alexey Brodovitch in American Fashion

Alexey Brodovitch – Photographer , Designer, Art Director and a teacher to many great artists. Russian by birth, Brodovitch was forced into exile during the Russian Civil War. He came to Paris where he found himself at the center of dadaism, constructivism,Bauhaus , futurism…. he worked as a backdrop painter for the ballets Russes. But… More