“The great fur caravan”

Veruscka  began  to appear in Vogue, photographed by Irving Penn, from 1963, but her Veruscka persona came out with a whole new splendor once she met Avedon . He thought Veruschka was the  most beautiful women in the world.  “What Antonioni was saying in the photo-shoot scene between David Hemmings and myself in Blow-Up was happening with Avedon in a much more subtle way. We were mentally connected from the time I entered the studio to when I left at the end of the day”

In 1966 American Vogue has published “The Great Caravan. A fashion Adventure Starring  the Girl in the Fabulous Furs Photographed by Avedon in the Strange Secret Snow Country of Japan….” It ran 26 pages , was supposed to have  cost $1 million.

It is an amazing shoot and it so contemporary. You could easily mistake it  with editorials shoots ourdays and maybe it was even better.










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