Alexey Brodovitch in American Fashion


Alexey Brodovitch – Photographer , Designer, Art Director and a teacher to many great artists. Russian by birth, Brodovitch was forced into exile during the Russian Civil War. He came to Paris where he found himself at the center of dadaism, constructivism,Bauhaus , futurism…. he worked as a backdrop painter for the ballets Russes. But this way before he became a successful graphic designer.

In 1930 he moved to United Stated to work at the Pennsylvania Museum school of Industrial Art where he became head of Advertising Design Department. But his big moment  happened when Carmel Snow has decided that he is going to be an Art director for the Harper’s Bazaar working with Diane Vreeland that was offered the job around the same time. It is  important to note that Ms. Snow had a gift for spotting gifted people and this choice wasn’t an exception.

Brodovitch did not simply arrange photographs, illustrations and type on the page; he took an active role in conceiving and commissioning all forms of graphic art, and he specialized in discovering and showcasing young and unknown talent. His first assistant in New York was a very young Irving Penn. Leslie Gill, Richard Avedon and Hiro are among the other photographers whose work Brodovitch nurtured during his long career.

Personally I am amazed with his artistic path. Today it is incredible to see his works, thinking that in 1930 all of this has been done without any Mac tools, stock photography or many other tools that helping today to work in advertising or fashion . He will remain an outstanding artist and a very important teacher to all of us.







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