The curious case of Ian Schrager. Sex and the City?

Reading his biography my head is spinning. This is what I call “a business instinct” .  He has started of by opening the Studio 54 with his business partner Steve Rubell, which followed by the opening of the night club Palladium in the old Academy of Music building in New York City.

After all we know about studio 54 , it is not a big surprise to us that these 2  men have paid so much attention to all the artistic world. Ian has worked  with such a cutting-edge artists like Francesco Clemente,  Jean-Michel-Basquiat, Julian Schnabel, Kenny Scharf , and Keith Haring . He also  has collaborated with iconic architects, artists and designers such as Arata, Philippe Starck, Herzog & de Meuron, Andree Putnam, Julian Schnabel and John Pawson to name a few.

At this point you would think what else could be possibly invented or done by this  men, but this wasnt the business of his life. Today Ian Schrager is recognised in business world as a co-creator of the Boutique Hotel.

In 1980 Ian Schrager and his partner Rubell have started to open hotels, which streigh away became a huge success. Their first hotel, Morgans, opened in 1984 and was an instant hit, introducing the boutique lifestyle hotel to the world. Followed by Royalton Hotel and Paramount Hotel introducing also “lobby socializing”. He continued to open hotels and working with amazing artists.

So. To summarise his life. He has been a co-owner to most famous discoclubs in New York which has influenced ourdays music and fashion . He has  socialized with most amazing people of that time, the people that are legends today.  He went to prison for 13 month.  But once he was back he renvented himself and explored the hotel business entering to the world of hotels and leaving a notable landmark in history. What does he have to do with Sex and City? Well . He became a legend himself! And the tv series is the confirmation to this. Do you remember Richard- boyfriend and the big love of Samantha. The writers have inhaeled this personality from Ian Schrager.

What a life. And he continues to grow his company “Ian Schrager company”. Well deserved;)







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