The 70’s DNA.

Senza-titolo-3 70s, Studio 54 : The era that left the largest milestones in fashion, music and design.  We can start with some names to get an idea of who are the idols of fashion designers  today: Farrah Fawcett, Bianca Jagger, Iman,  Debbie Harry, Diane Von Fusterberg, Faye Dunaway, Joni Mitchell, Angelica Huston, Jane Fonda, Nico, Jerry Hall, Charlotte Rampling, Patti Smith …..

The freedom in the way to think, in the way to dress in the way to be. It is almost  like revolutionary era in all its aspects. As we moved on with the time it all became more conservative. But we still have this freedom inside of us , which fights against our conservativeness. We want to go back in time, we envy to those who lived that era and it is our determination to look like them. Artist like Andy Warhol is constantly present in todays fashion. Fashion victims are running around the Vintage shops in search of those unforgettable pieces: sexy denim, punk style cloth that could wear Patti Smith at that time, maxi dress or extrimely short dress, wrap dress, turbans, tube tops, high-waisted trousers , chiffon, silk, paillettes and anything that was screming sex.  The silouette of man and women was the most important factor in a total look! The top designers of that time were Bill Blass, Diane Von Fusterberg, Halston, Missoni, Vivien Westwood, Yves Saint Laurent ……. Today the trendy girls are Kate Moss, Kristen Stewart, Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller, Kate Bosworth and etc…. You can spot them every year at Coachella Festival and they love vintage clothing. Is there anything new in their style that attracts us so much? I personally don’t think so . They all have the inprint of that time. So. Our life today: we are all crazy about Daft Punk, we love 70’s disco design furniture, we love wadges and high hill sandals , glitter and jeans and  it is all about vintage look.




1970s interior


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